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Upcoming Talks

I have prepared a presentation on “Packaging for the Omni-Channel Consumer” outlining how to evaluate packaging designs considering the needs of all of today’s media. 

Please inquire if you’d like me to present at an upcoming event!

Prior Speaking Events

  • “Forming Emotional Connections with Prospects via Packaging Design"
    LuxePack NY; May 8/9, 2024, New York
  • “Leveraging Emotional Motivators in Branding and Packaging"
    LuxePack LA / MakeUp in LA; February 14, 2024, Los Angeles
  • “Increasing Conversion with 1st-time Buyers via E-commerce and Digital Marketing"
    GCI Magazine; January 18, 2024, Webinar
  • “Three Pillars of Increasing Conversion with First-Time Buyers”
    GCI Magazine; September 30, 2023, Webinar
  • “Converting Sales with a Luxury Buyer”
    LuxePack NY; May 11, 2023, New York
  • “Unearthing Brand White Space for Packaging and Ecommerce”
    LuxePack LA / MakeUp in LA; February 17, 2023, Los Angeles
  • “Small Business Advisory Group - Holiday Marketing”
    Cosmetic Executive Women; November 17, 2021, Webinar
  • “Navigating Beauty”
    GCI/Beauty Accelerate; October 20, 2021, Webinar
  • “Small Business Advisory Group”
    Cosmetic Executive Women; March 15 2021, Webinar
  • “The World After: A Beauty Renaissance”
    GCI/Beauty Accelerate; Nov 17, 2020, Webinar
  • “Designing Packaging for an Omni-Channel World”
    Beauty Unfiltered; Nov 11, 2020, Webinar
  • “Helping Beauty Companies Find Their Voice in Today's Crowded Marketplace Through Branding!” Episode 39
    Beauty Business Info; Oct, 2020, Webinar
  • “9 COVID-19 Marketing Efforts for Your Brand”
    GCI Magazine; May 11, 2020, Webinar
  • “How to Reinvent Beauty and Wellness Brands for this New Marketing Environment”
    Qualitative Research Consultants Association; June 10, 2020, Webinar
  • “Brand Building Opportunities in a New Reality”
    Access Beauty Insiders; May 7, 2020, Webinar
  • “Packaging for the Omni-Channel Consumer”
    IndieBeautyExpo; August 22, 2019, NYC
  • “Digital and Beauty Connected”
    MakeUp in NY; September 12, 2019, NYC
  • “Accessibility — The New Beauty Frontier”
    LuxePack New York; May 15-16, 2019, NYC
  • “Designing Packaging for Omni-Channel Beauty Consumers”
    Beauty x Omni-Channel Global Cosmetic Industries Online Summit; October 24, 2018
  • “Designing Packaging for Omni-Channel Beauty Consumers”
    NYSCC 39th Annual Suppliers’ Day; May 15, 2018, New York, NY
  • “How to Make a Statement Packaging Piece:
    The Power of Iconic Packaging”

    Luxe Pack Los Angeles; February 8, 2018, Santa Monica, CA
  • “The Importance of Social Media in Beauty”
    Yanbal Annual Board of Directors Meeting; October 2017, Madrid, Spain
  • “Package Design in a Digital World”
    CosmoProf; July 2017, Las Vegas
  • “Luxury Packaging by Design”
    Luxe Pack; May 10 2017, NYC
  • “Luxury Packaging with a Conscious; the Ingredients for Success”
    Luxe Pack; May 10 2017, NYC
  • “Initiating a Project and Onboarding a New Client”
    Evolve Symposium; March 24 2017, NYC
  • “Effectively Using Packaging to Tell the Right Brand Story”
    EastPack: Packaging Design for Health & Beauty; June 15 2016 3:30 pm, NYC
  • “How To Stand Out in a Competitive Marketplace”
    Beauty Entrepreneur Summit; May 18 2016
  • “Customizing Stock Packaging to Create a Luxury Experience”
    Luxe Pack; May 11 2016 10:00 am, NYC
  • “Collaborating with In-house Teams”
    Interview with Paula Scher; Spark Design Professionals; March 22 2016, NYC
  • “Packaging Design for Aesthetic and Functional Appeal”
    WestPack: Packaging Design for Health & Beauty; February 2016, Anaheim, CA
  • “Effectively Using Packaging to Tell the Right Brand Story”
    WestPack: Packaging Design for Health & Beauty; February 2016, Anaheim, CA
  • “Strategies for Managing a Low Budget Assignment”
    Co-presenter, Evolve Symposium 3.0; October 2015, NYC
  • “Managing a Business and Answering Client’s ‘I Need it Now’ Mentality”
    Co-presenter, Evolve Symposium 3.0; October 2015, NYC
  • “Strategic Partnerships and Scaling Your Business”
    Co-presenter, Evolve Symposium 3.0; October 2015, NYC
  • “Evolving Your Business in a Changing Business Environment”
    Co-presenter, Evolve Symposium 3.0; October 2015, NYC
  • “Tools to Strategically Position Your Brand”
    SXSW V2V; July 2015, Las Vegas
  • “Packaging Systems That Are Easy to Use and Attractive to Buy”
    HBA Conference; June 2015, NYC
  • “Developing a Signature Package Design”
    HBA Conference; June 2015, NYC
  • “Business Models: Sustainable Organizational and Staffing Structures”
    Co-presenter, Evolve Symposium 1.0; March 2013, 2014, 2015, NYC
  • “New Development and Positioning: Tools, Techniques, and Strategies”
    Co-presenter, Evolve Symposium 1.0; March 2013, 2014, 2015, NYC
  • “Qualifying Clients: Objective Ways to Determine Worthy New Business Leads”
    Co-presenter, Evolve Symposium 1.0; March 2013, 2014, 2015, NYC
  • “Research and Strategy: Methodologies and Practices”
    Co-presenter, Evolve Symposium 2.0; September 2014, NYC
  • “Operational and Financial Metrics”
    Co-presenter, Evolve Symposium 2.0; September 2014, NYC
  • “Strategies to Build Your Brand”
    HBA Conference; June 2014, NYC
  • “The Design Studio of 2013”
    Spark Design Professionals; November 2013, NYC
  • “Strategies to Revitalizing Your Brand as You Grow”
    HBA Conference; June 2013, NYC
  • Moderated interview with designer Peter Buchanan Smith of Best Made Company
    NYCXDESIGN Week; May 15, 2013, NYC
  • “Design Rebels Unite”
    The Design Activist’s Handbook book launch; November 2012, NYC
  • “Alternative Compensation for Design”
    Spark Design Professionals; October 2013, NYC
  • “How to Structure Strategic Partnerships”
    Spark Design Professionals; August 2013, NYC
  • “Selling Strategy for Design Firms - A conversation with Debbie Millman”
    Spark Design Professionals; February 2013, NYC
  • “Beauty of Strategy Outline”
    HBA Conference; June 2012, NYC
  • “The Price is Right” Pricing Workshop”
    Spark Design Professionals; October 2011, NYC
  • “Social Shopping” Everything is Better with Friends”
    HBA Conference; June 2011, NYC
  • “Customer-centric Social Media For Fashion + Beauty”
    Webinar; July 2011
  • “Social Media Trends”
    Fashion News Workshop; April 2011
  • “Marketing Inspiration: Top Trends In Social Media”
    Symrise; November 2010
  • “Unique Brand Positioning and Pattern Recognition”
    HBA Conference; June 2010, NYC
  • “Intellectual Property Best Practices”
    Spark Design Professionals; October 2010, NYC
  • Moderated interview with Julia Vakser and Deroy Peraza of Hyperakt
    Spark Design Professionals; September 2010, NYC
  • Moderated interview with author Warren Berger on his book “Glimmer: How Design Can Transform Your Life and Maybe Even the World”
    Spark Design Professionals; July 2010, NYC
  • “Content Strategies for Social Media”
    HBA Conference; June 2010, NYC
  • “Design and Environmental Activism”
    Johnson & Johnson; May 2010
  • “9 Steps to Creating a Website”
    Direction by Indigo; April 2010
  • Moderator of “How to Lead Clients Towards Being Green” Panel included Don Carli, Cheryl Heller, Hugh Hough
    AIGA Event; April 2010
  • “Creating A Social Media Strategy With Measurable ROI”
    The Fashion Group International and The Canadian Consulate General, February 2010, NYC
  • Moderated interview with Agnieszka Gasparska of Kiss Me I’m Polish
    Spark Design Professionals; February 2010, NYC
  • Moderated panel “How do you Get Inspired?”
    Spark Design Professionals; January 2010, NYC
  • “Marketing Inspiration: Top Trends In Social Media”
    Webinar; October 2009
  • “Innovative Marketing”
    Direction by Indigo; August 2009
  • “Positioning Your Brand As An Affordable Luxury”
    Webinar; May 2009
  • “Disruptive Marketing”
    Fashion Institute of Technology; March 2009
  • “Women in Business - How We Do It”
    Queens Economic Development Corporation; March 2009
  • “Importance of Web Design On Your Marketability”
    American Society of Media Professionals; October 2008, NYC
  • “Innovative Web Trends”
    Fashion News Workshop; September 2008, NYC


Sheri is a frequent contributor to industry publications, covering design and brand strategy. Below is a sample of her work.

3 Keys to Increasing Conversions With First-Time Beauty Buyers

Part 1 of a 4-part series: How the right combination of trust, intrigue and education can be leveraged to increase conversion rates with first-time buyers.

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The Power Of Packaging’s Visual Influence

Part 2 of a 4-part series: Brands must strategically leverage visual design elements and messaging to build trust, create intrigue and educate potential buyers about their product assortment.

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Optimizing a Conversion-centric Beauty E-commerce Experience

Part 3 of a 4-part series: Understanding the most impactful elements of the consumer’s online journey.

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Strategies for Enhanced Customer Conversion

Part 4 of a 4-part series: Leveraging digital marketing to not only survive but thrive in a competitive landscape.

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When It Comes To Positioning, Natural Isn’t Enough

Beauty and personal care brands no longer can rely on "natural" or "organic" as their main differentiator when connecting with consumers.

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Six Ways to Position a Haircare Brand to Connect With Salons

By winning the hearts and minds of professionals, brands simultaneously evolve their stature and gain insider access to the salon’s clientele. Written for GCI Magazine.

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Branding and Rebranding: Order of Implementation

GCI magazine asked MSLK to shed light on the best way to navigate implementation of a branding or rebranding initiative.

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Competitive Retail Packaging: 3 Strategies To Guide An Effective Design Process

Designing retail packaging is equal parts science and art. GCI magazine asked Sheri to share effective strategies gleaned over the years to help guide their readers as they consider their own package design process.

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A Well-Targeted Market

GCI Beauty Magazine asked MSLK to demonstrate how creating distinct audience profiles can inspire a unique beauty brand.

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Beauty Online: Content First, Technology Second

Our perspective is although technology is essential for developing a strong website, engaging content and user experience is far more valuable for beauty brands.

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Targeted Design Directions Help Guide the Graphic Design Process

These strategies guide the design exploration turning subjective creative evaluation into a more objective process.

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Best Practices for Recharging Existing Brands

Repositioning an existing brand brings about unique challenges that new and emerging brands do not face.

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The Strength of Brand Architecture

Brand architecture is the relationship between brands, product lines and the products themselves in a company’s portfolio.

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Sheri L Koetting is the Founder, Brand Strategist, and Creative Director of the NYC-based design firm MSLK where she merges innovative strategies with sophisticated design.

Sheri has developed a proven method for transforming subjective ideas into objective solutions while focusing on the target audience’s perspective. Today, this practice has become part of an industry-standard that MSLK has employed for clients such as Wigwam Mills, Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Sean John, Tumi, and L’Oreal.

Sheri is an artist, designer, and industry curator, writing frequently for various beauty industry publications about design’s impact on business. In 2002 she co-founded Spark Design Professionals, an active non-profit group of design business owners. She is also a co-founder and key moderator of Evolve Symposium, an intensive two-day, bi-annual event hosting design principals from around the country who want to learn vital business practices and advanced strategies.

What people are saying

  • “Cosmoprof North America prides itself on offering a diverse conference program and proactively seeks out qualified speakers. In 2017, the show expanded its focus on suppliers and reached out to Sheri to provide its packaging exhibitors and attendees valuable design insight. She was a pleasure to work with throughout and gave a stellar presentation to a sold-out room.”
    -Simona Georgescu, Marketing Public Relations Executive, Cosmoprof North America
  • “Thank you for attending our Inaugural Franchise Conference and delivering such a powerful presentation. The research project results themselves were impressive but your delivery was also exceptional; you were so prepared, professional, and engaging! The feedback has been extremely positive. We look forward to working together on more projects to come.”
    -Heather Elrod, Chief Operating Officer, Amazing Lash Studio
  • “Sheri consistently brings value to our conference as a speaker. Her thoughtful presentation of content is always timely and relevant to our industry needs. In fact, her keynote was the second most attended session at our 2017 event.”
    -Linda Villalobos, Marketing Manager, LuxePack
  • “Sheri brought her depth and breadth of experience to the Westchester Digital Summit. She was engaging, compelling and energized the crowd. What a dynamic speaker! Thank you Sheri… can’t wait for next year!”
    -Christopher Dessi, CEO of Silverback Social
  • “Quality, precision, and efficiency are just a few words to describe our experience hiring Sheri to give a keynote presentation at the annual board meeting for Yanbal. We were more than impressed with Sheri’s quality of work, attention to detail, and industry know-how. She understood our objectives, incorporated all of our requests, and did so with a very tight schedule. Sheri was an absolute pleasure to work with and we look forward to having more opportunities to work with her again in the future!”
    - Marc Blaison, Executive Vice President, Cosmo International Fragrances
  • “As the Events Chair of Spark, an organization for design business owners in NYC, I have worked with fellow board member Sheri L Koetting for over three years. To say that Sheri is an asset to the organization is a grave understatement. Her fresh ideas and attention to detail help keep our organization on track.

    “Over the years, Sheri has moderated numerous events for Spark. Whether it’s a panel of experts or one guest speaker, Sheri always maintains control of the event with poise and eloquence. She paces the event thoughtfully so that all speakers have their say, while artfully keeping everyone on topic. She is always able to extract from the speakers valuable information that’s relevant to our members—contributing to the success of the organization overall. We are lucky to have her!”
    -Laura Berkowitz Gilbert, Principal at Boomerang Studio
  • “As a board member of Spark Design Professionals, I have had the pleasure of working with Sheri on producing design business-related events for years together. Sheri has been especially critical to the success of the Spark organization as her role as an experienced moderator and guest speaker for the organization on a variety of design business topics. Sheri knows how to facilitate discussions, drive the conversation to different areas, and provide additional value with her own studio’s experiences. I would highly recommend Sheri for any speaking engagement on design or design business matters.”
    -Larissa Montecuollo, Partner / Creative Director at Trillion
  • “Evolve Symposium is a rare opportunity to learn and exchange best business practices, guided by two insightful individuals. Not only is it a great place to engage with like-minded design professionals but more so build professional relationships for future collaborations.”
    -Julie Kremkus, Principal S T U D I O J A S
  • “Looking back, I’m not sure I’ve ever had such a productive conference experience. Considering the price, that’s a huge win. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks talking about it, and I’m excited to see things shifting already. Just my success in using case studies in two new business meetings in the past week has been amazing.”
    -Sean Wilkinson, Principal Might and Main
  • “Sheri and Marc led an awesome branding workshop at V2V 2015. Looking forward to more!”
    -The Shame Lady, SXSW V2V
  • “Great Netwalking with you at SXSW V2V! You have my vote for beneficial content on branding.”
    -Jessica, SXSW V2V
  • “Sheri and her partner let a great workshop at SXSWV2V this year and I would love to attend another event led by her!”
    -Kara, SXSW V2V


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